New Jersey Powerball Lottery Results Saturday November 27, 2021

Power ball is one of the multi-state draw games. In this game you can win a starting jackpot of $20 million for $2 per play. You can play new Powerplay add-on feature for $1 more per play with the same Powerball numbers. New jersey is introducing Double play to win $ 10 million.

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Winning Numbers

8, 32, 55, 64, 66 Powerball 10

How to play New Jersey Powerball?

If you are interested to play this game, you need to select 5 numbers from 1-69 written on play slip and one power ball number from 1-26. This play is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. To play this game get your ticket first from any New Jersey Lottery retailer.

How to fill up the Play slip?

After getting ticket from the retailer fill it carefully.

  • Select any 5 numbers between 1-69 from play slip & 1 Powerball number between 1-26.
  • Mark Quick pick so that computer will randomly select your numbers.
  • For Power Play mark ‘Y’ for YES for an extra $1 per play. It can increase your non-jackpot prize.
  • For Double Play mark ‘Y’ for YES for an additional $1 for a chance to win prizes up to $10 Million in cash.
  • Select the Cash Option from the play slip.
  • For MULTI DRAW, mark the number of drawings you want to play.
  • You can play the same numbers for up to twelve (12) consecutive drawings.
  • At the end give your filled play slip to your retailer.

How to win the Prize?

If the numbers drawn are exactly match your selected numbers, you are winner. Overall chances of winning the prize are 1:25. The prize is equally divided into the multiple winners. For better understanding see the chart below.

If you match 5 White Balls + RED BALL with theJackpot
If you match 5 White Balls$1,000,000
If you match 4 White Balls + Red ball$50,000
If you match 4 White Ball$100
If you match 3 White Balls + Red Ball$100
If you match 3 White Balls$7
If you match 2 White Balls + Red Ball$7
If you match 1 White Ball + Red Ball$4
If you match no White Balls + Red Ball$4

Live Drawings

You can watch drawings three times in a week.

Drawing held on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59pm.

How to claim your prize?

If you are winner, claim your winning ticket within one year of drawing. After that it will consider expired. Once you have claimed your prize, it will take 6 weeks to process.

  • Sign up the back of your ticket.
  • Then bring it to the lottery retailer and claim your prize.
  • The prize of $599.50 or less, you can receive the cash at any New Jersey Lottery Retailer.
  • But for the prize above $599.50, you need to fill a claim form available at all New Jersey Lottery Retailers. 

Important note

If you are going to get the powerplay ticket you must keep this in your mind.

  • You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket.
  • Play responsibly.
  • If you or your friend have a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER*.
  • Do not damage your lottery tickets barcode because it cannot be claimed.